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ISCA Video Conference Training VIDEOS


- Mathew Brian Taylor (Syrian) - Skit Building Watch Skit Building here

- Basic Balloons April 11th

- Balooning 102 April 25th Balooning 102

- Ballooning 103 with Rick Gaines Ballooning 103

- Pricilla Mooseburger Makeup 101

- Video: 5 Easy Magic Tricks you can do (with practice) 5 Easy Magic tricks

- Wes Whiteside from Hadi Funsters - Costumes on a Budget

- Ballooning 103 with Rick Gaines Ballooning 103

- 4 Easy Pocket Magic Tricks you can Carry Around – By Mateo –View Video Here

- Walk Around & Parade Ability View Video Here

- "Hobo and Tramp Makeup Demo" by Andy "Chillie" Mellman .. View Video Here

- August 1st at 6:00pm Central - Wigs & Socks with Louis “Gee Wiz” Gross ..View Video Here

- Competition – Judging Make-up and Costume. View Video Here
.... Before the meeting it is recommended you download and print a copy of the ISCA Make-up and Costume score sheet
.... at the following address:

- Character Development (Also known as you have to fail some to succeed)
...... by Michael "Bucket Heaad" Clark July 18th.....View Video Here



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